Where:166630 Imperial Valley Dr., Houston, TX 77060Time: 11am-12:30, October 14th, 2013

This Monday, October 14th, 2013, the family of Edgar Torres, one of the Dream30, will bring together local organizers and community members to demand the release of their son Edgar and the remaining 25 dreamers who have now been detained at a detention center in El Paso, TX for more than 13 days

The family will gather in front of the local Houston political asylum office in order to demand their release along with several other families across the country.

Edgar Torres is from Spring, TX and was raised in Texas for 13 years. He was deported shortly after high school graduation as a result of a mild scuffle near his school that got him in trouble with local law enforcement. Despite this isolated incident, which could have happened to anyone, Edgar was a well-rounded student who participated in science fair, church choir, marching band, and athletics. It is clear to everyone that he is a good kid who simply got caught up in the school-to-deportation pipeline. In Mexico, he was sent to live with his grandmother who suffered an embolism and is now paralyzed. 

After repeated denials of a tourist visa despite holding a well-paying job, Edgar decided to take his future in his own hands and come home with the DREAM30 through a Laredo checkpoint on September 30th, 2013. As expected, he was detained along with 25 Dreamers and sent to El Paso where he is awaiting release.

For this reason, his family is gathering to support not only Edgar but all of the DREAM 30 who are still detained. This is their first step towards reclaiming the dignity and respect they deserve as well as fighting for new pathways to come home in the absence of any other form of legislative reform.

Please sign Edgar's petition here:

Please sign the petition for all of the Dream30 here:

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Department of Labor, Don't Trash Worker's Rights! Bring the WastePro Workers Home!!

Where: Department of Labor
8701 S. Gessner Dr, Suite 1164, Houston, TX
When: September 4th, 2013, 2:30pm

Join us for a rally and delivery of THOUSANDS of petitions asking the Department of Labor to live up to its mission to foster and promote the welfare of workers by signing-off on the U-visa applications of the nine workers, including Edgar Rolando Vazquez-Canto (A#205-503-535) and Eloy Flores Martin del Campo (A# 205-503-445), who have been detained at the Broward immigration prison for several months despite being victims of crime by WastePro USA.

Petition Here: http://action.dreamactivist.org/florida/labor/

The Department of Labor has said they are investigating the case, but have refused to sign off on the u-visa applications these workers have filed. They are victims of wage theft, fraud, forced labor, threats of deportation, and exploitation. It's time for the DOL to stand up for worker by signing off on Edgar and Eloy's U-visas and pressuring ICE to grant them discretion. In other words, to let the WastePro victims go!
Brought to you by The Texas Undocumented Youth Alliance and The National Immigrant Youth Alliance.